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The Breakfast Buffet

Beware, to taste is to succumb to it!

On our breakfast buffet, we offer classic cold cuts with white ham, dry cured ham but also local cold cuts with Montbéliard sausages.

On the bakery side, we offer you many breads as well as mini-viennoiseries from our favorite baker " Coinot ". Also, we suggest you various breads, Swedish breads.
To spread your various breads, we do not skimp on the choice of butter: half-salt or sweet; we also offer spreadable dough as well as local jams.

A bit of cheese for breakfast ? If you answer yes, we think you will be satisfied since we offer a diverse, varied and local choice: Comté, Morbier from Lehmann's and the Cancoillotte.
Still in the field of dairy products, we offer you local yoghurts, plain yoghurts, organic yoghurts and white cheese.

We enhance this breakfast buffet with various cereals, fruit salads, fresh fruit, cut fruit, but also dry fruit, compote and various honeys from the Haut-Doubs.

We also offer boiled eggs and strongs from our cheese maker Lehmann. In the warm corner, we offer you scrambled eggs and bacon and bacon and strong.

For hot beverages, you'll have the choice between coffee beans, various teas, and infusions.

Finally, we don't forget to tell you about our choice of fruit juice strong, full of vitamins to start the day of your stay: squeezed orange, multifruits, apple juice from Vergers Vivants.

So, are you ready to give in to the temptation of our breakfast?

Quelques-uns de nos producteurs locaux avec lesquels nous travaillons tout au long de l'année

Our baker-pâtissier is located at 10, rue du Général Leclec in Montbéliard... at less than 200m from our establishment. Don't hesitate to go and thank him if you enjoyed his breads and pastries from our breakfast buffet.

Fromagerie Lehmann has a store located at 390, avenue René Jacot 25460 Etupes. If you have succumbed to "faisselle", "comté", "Petit Romois" this is where you have to go. This producer also provides us with the boiled eggs and the yoghurts.

The apple juice, so tasty, is distributed by the Association des Vergers Vivants which preserves the orchards of Franche-Comté. Their shop is located at 23, Rue des Aiges 25230 Vandoncourt.

Direction the heights of the department to find our apiculturist : "L'Abeille du Haut Doubs" in La Creuse - Route d'Ornans, 25520 Aubonne. This is where the honey is harvested and you can enjoy it for breakfast.

Take the direction of the neighbouring department, the Jura, towards the south, precisely at 6 Route d'Andelot, 39600 MESNA where the company "La Francomtoise De Confiturerie" is located.

Practical information about the Brit Hotel Bristol Montbéliard breakfast

Our breakfast buffet, at the rate of 12.00€/strong>, is open to all, all year round, according to the following schedule:


Les horaires du petit-déjeuner de l'hôtel de Montbéliard

Maximum capacity of the breakfast room of the hotel de Montbéliard.

Enjoy the comfort of our 2, 3 or 4 star hotels throughout France
Enjoy the comfort of our 2, 3 or 4 star hotels throughout France